Hi, everyone – my name is Pam!

Budgetarian Home is a space where moms (and dads and young couples and families) can seek for help and advice on how to navigate the adult world. Here, we talk about money, running businesses and juggling side hustles – all while taking care of kids. Let’s learn to live large, even with a tiny budget!

Disclaimer: Ours is not YET a success story. In fact, I want to invite you to come take this journey with me and learn to live large, as we build and achieve our dreams.

This has been our timeline so far:


  • Opened a personal time deposit account for emergency funds after starting my corporate career
  • Found out we were pregnant with our first baby and rushed to save Php50,000 in a span of 3 months to cover for childbirth expenses (private doctor + hospitalization)
  • Got my first life insurance (VUL)


  • Gave birth to our daughter
  • Started leaning more about personal finance and opened a mutual funds and stock market account
  • Started adding funds regularly to our mutual funds account
  • Also started considering purchasing a house and car
  • Started traveling with the daughter when she was six months old
  • Daughter got sick; things were okay financially because insurance covered for hospitalization costs
  • Made my first VUL insurance lapse


  • Found socialized housing within our budget, paid for 3 months of equity and realized that the developer had issues
  • We eventually said goodbye to almost Php20,000 of hard-earned money
  • Traveled with the entire family (my parents and niece) before the daughter turned 1
  • Purchased a backpack carrier to introduce ourselves to a life of adventure travel
  • Withdrew money from our mutual funds account to purchase a DSLR camera for around Php20,000 (GASP!!!)
  • Got approved for two credit cards (plus a supplementary internet card) for a total spending limit of Php100,000
  • Purchased two lesser-priced VUL insurance policies (sans riders)


  • After the failed first attempt, we finally found a good enough house at a price twice our first choice
  • Started with our monthly equity payments (this continues for the next 3 years)
  • Started mortgage payments three months after purchasing the house (it wasn’t in pre-selling phase anymore)
  • In August, we quit our corporate jobs to become a stay-at-home dad and a work-from-home mom
  • Spent 2 weeks in another city to celebrate freedom
  • Changed most of our government statuses to voluntary/self-employed because WE CAN MAKE THIS!!!
  • Went full-time freelancing after doing remote work for about 3 months
  • Partner ventured into working from home but got burned (and didn’t get paid) after 2 weeks of hard work


  • Started missing payments on our credit cards and mortgage payments (total of 7 months)
  • Had to break our coin bank and withdraw from our mutual funds (again) to pay for the bills
  • Eventually got a notice that my cards are being sent to the collection agency – my credit history has now been destroyed
  • Secured a full-time remote work role for a travel website and continued doing part-time gigs on the side
  • Went on a 21-day trip with the partner and daughter despite our current financial status
  • Daughter got sick a few weeks after arriving home; had to borrow money from friends to pay for hospitalization costs because we had ZERO insurance (yep, not even Philhealth)
  • Found out that I was pregnant a month after my birthday
  • Made sure to enroll in a maternity package early on at a new-ish hospital for just Php9,000


  • Got moved from editorial to sales and marketing team at my remote job
  • Decided to get our financial act together
  • Paid of supplementary internet card for CC#2 (Php10,000)
  • Contacted the collection agency for CC#1 and arranged for monthly payments (paid for it about 3-4 months but eventually stopped; figured it doesn’t earn interest anymore and it has already destroyed my credit history so I will just pay in bulk based on the discounted offers they have been sending me the past months)
  • Checked our mortgage status (nearly cried at the thought that it might be foreclosed) and had our loan restructured – back to square one but the house was still ours 🙂
  • Paid for Philhealth for the rest of the year and Pagibig (required for loan restructuring)
  • Saved up for move-in fees and other associated fees with buying/moving to a new house (basic appliances, etc)
  • Moved in to our new house
  • Temporarily moved back to my parents’ house two weeks before giving birth because it was closer to the hospital and we have no car of our own
  • Gave birth to a baby boy and paid an additional Php3,000 for hospital expenses – yay!
  • Quit my remote job two weeks after my maternity leave to start my VA business
  • Doubled my income after a month and continued to sustain the same amount of success
  • Rewarded ourselves with two staycations


  • Paid for all personal loans made to family and/or friends
  • Went on a 3-day trip to celebrate daughter’s 5th birthday
  • Went on a 3-week trip with the family (one-way flight for me was sponsored)
  • Son got hospitalized for 3 days but we no longer had to borrow money (hooray!!!)
  • Spent nearly Php100,000 on house renovations
  • Spent around Php50,000 for the son’s first birthday (we wanted to make it fair to both kids; but we also have not spent money on the succeeding birthdays for the daughter)
  • Earned Php1,000,000 from my VA business (before expenses)
  • Started building my VA agency and brought in two team members with regular clients + 3 subcontractors for occasional projects
  • Second VUL insurance lapsed but the partner’s was saved. Yay!
  • Started paying back missed insurance premiums; also got term life insurance for myself
  • Opened and regularly paying Php500 each for Pagibig MP2 accounts

Other financial goals for 2018:

I personally love setting impossible goals without knowing how to tackle them; maybe because I’m too idealistic?

Updated as of November 2018:

  • Build our baby emergency fund to Php50,000 (need Php35,000 more; this keeps getting built and spent)
  • Build our mutual funds account to Php50,000 (based on amount invested; currently need Php9,000 more)
  • Purchase a condo unit (Php15,000 monthly)
  • Save for a car downpayment (roughly Php200,000)
  • Update insurance premiums for partner (around Php21,600 more by December)
  • Grow my income to $5,000/month by December (includes blog, service and agency income – and hopefully an ecom store)
  • Continue with house renovations (roughly Php200,000)
  • Pay for credit cards (Php60,000)
  • Fix my business papers + taxes
  • Lessen mortgage debt to below 1 million (need around Php44,000 including 2 monthly payments)
  • Open 2 PERA accounts (at least Php20,000 each; probably not happening this year)